A birthday present cake

February 14, 2009
Birthday present cake

Birthday present cake

Here is the choco banana cake covered in rolled fondant.  Yes, I baked this cake in a round pan but then I changed my mind and ended up cutting it into a square cake. 

I used my cut out tool for the little flowers.  As for the bow, I used the left over pink fondant strips that I used along the border and around the cake.  I’ll have to watch some tutorials on how to make those big fancy bows for next time ’round. 

Ok, hope you enjoy and Happy Valentine’s day!


more on choco banana

February 13, 2009

The cake baked well, just took a little longer.  Here is what I used for the filling:

I choose to make a more stiff ganache by allowing it to cool a little longer after melting the chocolate but still at a spreadable consistency.  Then, I spread the ganache on one layer and as it thined out it hardened slightly.  Which is great because the peanut butter buttercream had a softer consistency than the regular buttercream recipe I’ve tried.  I think it was because of the peanut butter.  I thought of adding more sugar but I didn’t want it to taste too sweet.  Not sure if that’s relevant, though.  Anywho, the PB cream went on top of the ganache and in between all 3 layers of the cake.

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache

Peanut Butter Buttercream

Peanut Butter Buttercream










The end result was a success.  I brought some to work and my co-workers loved it.  I might try adding more mashed banana.  Also, I really think ripe bananas are the key.  You know, the kind that are so mushy and brown/black on the outside.  They’re still good just not pretty to look at.  Overall, the combo was a success.  It kind of reminded me of a Reese’s peanut butter cup but in a cake and with some bananas.

In the making of a chocolate banana cake

February 11, 2009


Right now I’m waiting for my Chocolate Banana Cake to bake.  I’m making it for my friend, Neelam’s birthday.  Actually, her bday is on Valentine’s day but we’re celebrating 2 days earlier.  So I figured that I’ll bake the cake tonight, freeze it and decorate it tomorrow.  I’m using a 6×3 round baking pan (I wish they marked these things!) and I’m kind of worried about the cake baking all the way through because of the depth.  Well, let’s see what happens!

Hello lover

February 9, 2009

I have found the mixer of my dreams.  It’s the Kenwood KMo23 Titanium Major Mega Pack.  I didn’t really pay attention to mixers until I saw a posting from Cakejournal and noticed that it was a pretty good looking kitchen gadget.  Of course I did some reseach to see if it had good reviews and it did.  The only thing is that I would have to have order it all the from the UK.  However, I learned that the Delonghi brand is its American counterpart so hopefully I’ll be able to own one or the other.

KM023 Titanium Major Mega Pack

KM023 Titanium Major Mega Pack

Oh, how I wish…

Dear John,

February 9, 2009

…Galliano that is.  You are the epitome of cool.


Not only have I been inspired to do my competition cake by one of his dresses from the Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture Collection, but also by his motivation as a creative person despite the recession.  Here are his words:

“There’s a credit crunch, not a creative crunch. Of course, everyone is being more careful with their discretionary purchases. I am. But it’s our job to make people dream, and to provide the value in quality, cut, and imagination.”


It’s refreshing to hear something positive in the creative field. No wonder he’s so good at what he does! Check out the full article and slideshow here. So the dress that caught my eye is the one below. 


Christian Dior Couture Spring 2009

Christian Dior Couture Spring 2009

The color really got me.   I just absolutely have to do a yellow cake.   Plus, I love the ruffles.   This dress will definitely serve as a starting point for me.

A cake show & competition in Austin

February 3, 2009

How delightful!  It’s the 5th Annual That Takes The Cake, Sugar Art Show and Cake Competition in Austin, TX.  I found this through Elisa Strauss’s blog that I googled because I was reading her book, Confetti Cakes, at the bookstore.  BTW, I’m purchasing her book, she is absolutely fabulous!  My sister is a fan of Bronwen Weber, who is also from Texas and a Food Network Star.  I’ll probably become a fan, too.  I’m still getting to know all the names in this industry!

So I am entering the cake competition.  There are different divisions and styles to enter.  Of course, I would be Adult beginner and I’m thinking of doing wedding/anniversary style cakes.  It all goes down Feb. 28 – Mar. 1.  Yikes!  I better start planning!

My third fondant cake

February 2, 2009

Well, I did the Chanel Cambon tote in black & white for the baby shower.  Except I left out a few things because I spent some time helping cater the event as well.  I didn’t have time to add the black corner detail like that on the original (at least from what I’ve seen in pics).  Also, I never had a chance to play around with gumpaste to make baby items that would accompany the wanna-be diaper bag.  I did make the cake board to make it more baby friendly. 

I had so much fun using the embosser tool for the quilted effect.  I rolled the tool in white luster than rolled it over the fondant.  I attempted to dye the chocolate fondant that I had prepared the night before with black icing gel but then opted to just paint the pieces.  I didn’t let it dry all the way so some of it got on the cake board but nothing too drastic. 

For the cake, I used this chocolate WASC recipe from cakecentral.com. The one I used is made from scratch.  There are some that use boxed cake mix also.  I have to say I was pleased with the moistness of the cake but for some reason not so impressed by the taste.  I’ll try it out again though, maybe add some other ingrediants or try a different filling. 

Oh yes, one last thing, I made orange buttercream.  Yummy!  I’m in love with this flavor buttercream.  I used Wilton’s recipe for plain buttercream and added orange extract and grated orange peel.  Try it, you’ll love it, too!  And that was my experience with another fondant cake.


New toys!

January 27, 2009

Yipee! I finally decided on doing the Chanel Cambon tote in black and white for the baby shower.  Now, its not your traditional diaper bag but if I were a mom I would definitely lug Huggies in this bag.  I’m really looking foward to using the embosser tool for the quilted effect. 


Embosser/cutter, icing color in black, white pearl dust luster

Embosser/cutter, icing color in black, white pearl dust luster

I need to think of the baby toys that will accompany the tote so that everyone can tell its for a baby shower.  I’ve read that it’s best to use gumpaste for this.  I’ll have to practice tonight because I haven’t worked with gumpaste yet.  Although, I’m sure it’s very similar to fondant with a more clay like effect.

A baby shower cake pictures contest!

January 25, 2009

While I was looking for tips and ideas online for the baby shower cake I found a Baby Shower Cake Contest.  How cool is that?  The deadline is January 31, 2009.  It’s also the same day I’ll be completing the cake so hopefully I’ll have time to submit a pic.

Baby shower cake brainstorming

January 25, 2009

My sister is throwing a baby shower for a friend this weekend and has asked me to do a baby diaper bag cake.  She has also requested it to be either a LV, Coach or Chanel bag.  Well, I kind of put the idea in her head when I sent her a pic of an LV diaper bag cake that I saw online and jokingly said, “I bet I can make this!”.  So now I’m trying to muster up ideas on how to execute it including the cake flavor.