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A pot of crawfish fondant cake

June 2, 2009
Pot of crawfish fondant cake

Pot of crawfish fondant cake

Made from scratch right down to the marshmallow fondant.  Here is a photo to share and more posted on my Flickr account.  I will definitely have to share my “how to” on the gumpaste corn and crawfish in another post.  Initially, I thought that would be the hardest to execute but in fact it was quite simple and fun.

I baked four 10″ round white cakes to construct two 10″ tier cakes assembled on top of another.  Three 10″ cake boards were used – two for support and the other for the pot’s lid.  Four trimmed wooden dowels were inserted in the bottom tier for support of the top tier.

Orange buttercream was used as filling.  I used black cake color to tint my mm fondant until a gray hue was achieved.  I do have to admit that my second batch of mm fondant came out to be a lighter shade of gray than my first batch.  I didn’t really pay attention to the exact amount of black cake coloring that I was using.  So beware!

I crumb coated the cake with a plain powdered sugar and butter frosting recipe.  With the help of some melted almond bark as glue, the gray fondant was able to wrap around the cake.  I opted to wrap the mm fondant around the cake instead of rolling out an enormous sheet of fondant to cover the entire cake because I simply did not have enough counter space to do this.  So I think it would work either way.

I rolled out more gray mm fondant and used the 10″ cake board to trace and cut out a circle to cover the top of the cake.  On top of that, laid the crawfish, corn & potatoes ( you can’t see my potatoes because they were placed in the back).

Then, I proceeded to cover the last 10″ round cake board with fondant on both sides with a little frosting to help it stick to the board.  I rolled some fondant in my hand to make a handle for the pot.  I used melted almond bark to glue it on top.

Overall, this project was a blast.  There are so many other things you can do to make it more unique.  Like add a beer bottle or a paper towel roll next to the pot.  Be creative and have fun!


Making a dragon cake

March 12, 2009

This project was soooo much fun.  4 evenings, 3 sheet cakes, 3 batches of marshmallow fondant, 2 batches of white chocolate buttercream and an extra pair of hands (my sister) to construct and finish the cake.

The dragon cake under construction

The dragon cake under construction

I think I gained 5 lbs. while carving the cake because I would eat all the pieces.  I hate wasting good cake!  Here are the recipes I used as a guide:

Jeff's birthday dragon cake

Jeff's birthday dragon cake

 My sister helped paint the monster.  I think that was the most enjoyable part – watching it come alive with color!  You should’ve seen me carry this cake to my car by myself… not recommended.

Marshmallow fondant project

February 18, 2009

I was at my sister’s when I spotted a bag of pink marshmallows.  Even better, it said “strawberry marshmallows”.  Immediately, I thought to myself, how wonderful would this be for mm fondant?!  It’s already pink and flavored, too!  Talk about a time saver! 

So this is my next project.  Actually, I have quite a few projects lined up (like the cake competition – eek, it’s coming up!) but I just had to share my new discovery. 

Oh yeah, there are coconut marshmallows, also.  Wonder how that’ll turn out.  It kind of has this funky brown sugar color.  Funky because the color doesn’t look smooth and actually looks like the texture of brown sugar but I’m just judging from the images from Wal-Mart.  That’s where my sister bought hers and I have yet to swing by (if it’s ever possible to swing by Wal-Mart).  Check it out!


A birthday present cake

February 14, 2009
Birthday present cake

Birthday present cake

Here is the choco banana cake covered in rolled fondant.  Yes, I baked this cake in a round pan but then I changed my mind and ended up cutting it into a square cake. 

I used my cut out tool for the little flowers.  As for the bow, I used the left over pink fondant strips that I used along the border and around the cake.  I’ll have to watch some tutorials on how to make those big fancy bows for next time ’round. 

Ok, hope you enjoy and Happy Valentine’s day!

My third fondant cake

February 2, 2009

Well, I did the Chanel Cambon tote in black & white for the baby shower.  Except I left out a few things because I spent some time helping cater the event as well.  I didn’t have time to add the black corner detail like that on the original (at least from what I’ve seen in pics).  Also, I never had a chance to play around with gumpaste to make baby items that would accompany the wanna-be diaper bag.  I did make the cake board to make it more baby friendly. 

I had so much fun using the embosser tool for the quilted effect.  I rolled the tool in white luster than rolled it over the fondant.  I attempted to dye the chocolate fondant that I had prepared the night before with black icing gel but then opted to just paint the pieces.  I didn’t let it dry all the way so some of it got on the cake board but nothing too drastic. 

For the cake, I used this chocolate WASC recipe from The one I used is made from scratch.  There are some that use boxed cake mix also.  I have to say I was pleased with the moistness of the cake but for some reason not so impressed by the taste.  I’ll try it out again though, maybe add some other ingrediants or try a different filling. 

Oh yes, one last thing, I made orange buttercream.  Yummy!  I’m in love with this flavor buttercream.  I used Wilton’s recipe for plain buttercream and added orange extract and grated orange peel.  Try it, you’ll love it, too!  And that was my experience with another fondant cake.