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My 1st competition cake

March 2, 2009
My 1st competition cake

Yellow Wedding Cake

Viola!  My 1st ever cake competition.  I entered the Adult Beginner division competing in the Wedding tiered category.  Although, I did not place, I did have the most enjoyable time with my sister, mom, friends and sugar art enthusiasts alike!  The cakes were phenomenal! I will post the pics from the 2009 Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition in Austin, Texas, later this week.

I already have to jump to the next project which is the sculpted dragon cake for Mr. boyfriend’s birthday this Thursday.


Newbie gumpaste flowers

February 27, 2009

Yes, my first time making gumpste flowers and working with this medium.   I watched several tutorials on YouTube but this is definitely a hands on learning experience.  Here is one of my favorites tutorials:

There are actually a series of them to watch from making a rose bud to storing your gumpaste flowers.  I love how they make it look so easy but in fact it is a pain in the arse!  My best words of advice – patience, practice and have fun!

Ok, so far I’ve made two roses.  They are both different from in each other in a way that one looks more modern and the other more traditional.  What do you think?

My first ever gumpaste flowers

My first ever gumpaste flowers

Now here’s a closer look at the modern style rose.  I dusted some luster on top of it. 

Modern flower

Modern flower

 It kind of resembles this Chanel pin that is to die for.  Maybe I should wear it? 

Chanel pin

Chanel pin