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My 1st competition cake

March 2, 2009
My 1st competition cake

Yellow Wedding Cake

Viola!  My 1st ever cake competition.  I entered the Adult Beginner division competing in the Wedding tiered category.  Although, I did not place, I did have the most enjoyable time with my sister, mom, friends and sugar art enthusiasts alike!  The cakes were phenomenal! I will post the pics from the 2009 Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition in Austin, Texas, later this week.

I already have to jump to the next project which is the sculpted dragon cake for Mr. boyfriend’s birthday this Thursday.


A cake show & competition in Austin

February 3, 2009

How delightful!  It’s the 5th Annual That Takes The Cake, Sugar Art Show and Cake Competition in Austin, TX.  I found this through Elisa Strauss’s blog that I googled because I was reading her book, Confetti Cakes, at the bookstore.  BTW, I’m purchasing her book, she is absolutely fabulous!  My sister is a fan of Bronwen Weber, who is also from Texas and a Food Network Star.  I’ll probably become a fan, too.  I’m still getting to know all the names in this industry!

So I am entering the cake competition.  There are different divisions and styles to enter.  Of course, I would be Adult beginner and I’m thinking of doing wedding/anniversary style cakes.  It all goes down Feb. 28 – Mar. 1.  Yikes!  I better start planning!