How it all started

My new found passion came about when I wanted to give my fashionista friend, Eva, a purse shaped cake for her birthday.  Not aware of the typical cost of these cakes and a budget that screamed “hello, still in my trying twenties,” I opted for the DIY method i.e. the way my parents always seemed to attest to. Talk about really putting some of my artistic ability and intermediate baking skills to the test!  There were just a few kinks along the way (ok I’m lying – there’s a reason why these cakes cost so much!)  Seriously, after conquering the almost near impossible and with the help of my good friend Pancy, the cake was finished.  Transporting it is another story…but we made it to the birthday girl’s dinner and surprised her with the Louis Vuitton Eva clutch cake (see, they both have the same names!)  It was definitely an unforgettable experience – so much, that I’ve now started a blog about cakesJ


So there you have it, the beginning to something that I would have never thought of pursuing – cake decorating, designing, creating, confectionary art… I love every aspect of it!  Feel free to drop me a comment! 


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