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The Taart van m’n Tante, a bakery in Amsterdam

May 24, 2009

Check it out!  While in Amsterdam, I stumbled across this cute and dainty bakery adorned with wax-like colorful decorated cakes.  Don’t get me wrong, they had real cake, too, but the fake ornate cakes on top of every retro table and window sill created a somewhat whimsical feel to the bakery that I just had to experience.

Welcome to The Taart van m’n Tante.  As I entered, I felt the magic of how cakes can bring friends, lovers, even a dog laying on the floor to take part in this affair.  A table opened up and soon I would taste the magic.  I ordered a slice of “Ann-Marie” and waited patiently, wondering if its frowned upon to flash my camera at every possible angle.  I opted to keep the intimate flow going and decided to burn the images into my head instead. 

Then, the light pink marzipan with mint green thin squiggles appeared on top of a plate with a dallop of white cream covered with colored sprinkles.  Underneathe emerged white, fluffy cake with strawberry cream so delicately layered.  Ohhh, I had a slice of heaven that day!

On my way out, I did snap a shot of one of the over-the-top decorated cakes as a keepsake.  Inside the Taart van m'n Tante

Inside the Taart van m’n Tante
Taarten van Able

I took this picture of the poster hanging on the window to remember to google Taarten van Able when I got back home


a “Did you know?” about wedding cakes

May 24, 2009

While I was in London this past April, I picked up an interesting “did you know” about the tiered wedding cake.  As our red double deck bus manuvered its way through traffic, the tour guide points in the direction of a tiered spire faintly protuding in the sky between two buildings.

“And there’s St. Brides Church to your right” he announced.  “The tiered spire is said to have been an inspiration for the tiered wedding cake design.”

Urgently, I pointed my camera towards the church while at the same time thinking, “I must get a picture for my blog!”  Unfortunately, the tour bus does not stop for anything except for stop lights and traffic jams and our view had already been obstructed by other buildings.  Nevertheless, I dragged my boyfriend the next day to revisit St. Bride’s church to take the pictures below.  Enjoy!

London, England

Tiered spire of St. Bride's Church, London, England

In front of St. Bride's Church

In front of St. Bride's Church

Future bride?? LOL! Hmm, would I make my own wedding cake?

I wonder if it's good luck to visit St. Bride's Church? LOL! Hmm, make my own wedding cake?