Newbie gumpaste flowers

Yes, my first time making gumpste flowers and working with this medium.   I watched several tutorials on YouTube but this is definitely a hands on learning experience.  Here is one of my favorites tutorials:

There are actually a series of them to watch from making a rose bud to storing your gumpaste flowers.  I love how they make it look so easy but in fact it is a pain in the arse!  My best words of advice – patience, practice and have fun!

Ok, so far I’ve made two roses.  They are both different from in each other in a way that one looks more modern and the other more traditional.  What do you think?

My first ever gumpaste flowers

My first ever gumpaste flowers

Now here’s a closer look at the modern style rose.  I dusted some luster on top of it. 

Modern flower

Modern flower

 It kind of resembles this Chanel pin that is to die for.  Maybe I should wear it? 

Chanel pin

Chanel pin


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