Marshmallow fondant project

I was at my sister’s when I spotted a bag of pink marshmallows.  Even better, it said “strawberry marshmallows”.  Immediately, I thought to myself, how wonderful would this be for mm fondant?!  It’s already pink and flavored, too!  Talk about a time saver! 

So this is my next project.  Actually, I have quite a few projects lined up (like the cake competition – eek, it’s coming up!) but I just had to share my new discovery. 

Oh yeah, there are coconut marshmallows, also.  Wonder how that’ll turn out.  It kind of has this funky brown sugar color.  Funky because the color doesn’t look smooth and actually looks like the texture of brown sugar but I’m just judging from the images from Wal-Mart.  That’s where my sister bought hers and I have yet to swing by (if it’s ever possible to swing by Wal-Mart).  Check it out!


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